"We've always done it that way" – Offside!
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Our philosophy

Modern sports marketing is connecting sports and business at eye level and thus is creating coherent and successful partnerships.
Due to our bilateral understanding of our customers’ needs, based on our long-lasting experience both in sports business and economy, we are pursuing a differentiated strategy when bringing together the driving forces of both parties.

Our approach

The foundation of our work is a deep analysis of our customers’ individual objectives they want to achieve via sports marketing. On that basis we form individually tailored packages of sponsoring rights which serve as a starting point for all further sponsoring activities.
This enables us to create unconventional activation concepts and generate unique content helping to achieve our customers’ objectives and forming sustainable and successful partnerships.

With the conception and implementation of further activation measures we bring the partnership to life, making it perceptible for the target group on and off the pitch – not only in the stadia but twenty-four-seven on all relevant channels.

When it comes to the implementation of the sponsoring rights and the further activation we fully assist our customers with advisory, conceptional, and operational support regarding all matters of their sponsorship. We further provide support in the strategic planning and consulting in the course of the sponsoring period.

For further information please feel free to contact us: partnerships@rummenigge.com

Our assets