Placing one's own career in the hands of others means a great deal of trust on the one hand and a high sense of responsibility on the other.

On the one hand, the athlete's trust involves the advisor's expertise, integrity and the broadest possible network. On the other hand, it is also about trust in full commitment and honest advice beyond personal interests.

We are fully aware of this great responsibility towards our athletes. We focus on people and provide individual advice in the best interests of our clients. Loyal and trustworthy, discreetly in the background and fully comprehensive – in all matters on and off the pitch. Responsible at all times and with strategic vision, we accompany our athletes from the beginning of their professional career to their post-career.

Our network is a valuable key that opens doors at all stages of our athletes' careers and for all our partners' concerns. A large number of clubs and associations are part of our network, as are various corporate industries. In order to be a holistic partner for our clients, we maintain close contacts with proven experts in the field of sports science. Technical as well as tactical individual training is mapped here, as well as nutritional advice. In addition, there are specialists and therapists in the field of medicine. We also rely on experts with regard to PR, brand development and social media. Furthermore, we have a close connection to the relevant media and publishers as well as to numerous marketing channels.

With our expertise, our national and international market knowledge, and our unique network, we ensure that our athletes can devote themselves fully to their passion: sports.


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